EV ETX Powered Loudspeakers

So today we are gonna talk about little black boxes. Most specifically the EV ETX family of powered speakers, and let me tell you these are special little black boxes. Seriously though, all kidding aside, the entire ETX line from Electro Voice is pretty B to the A. They make a 10”, 12”, 15”, 15” 3 way, 15” Sub, and 18” sub in the family. This basically gives you a tool for every application. http://www.electrovoice.com/family.php?id=313

We will keep this one short and sweet so as not to bore you. All boxes are powered which in this day and age sure makes things nice when you don’t have to lug around amp racks as well. The DSP base on all of them are very deep as well, and it includes all FIR based DSP. Each box has 2 separate inputs with their own gain control, So if you don’t have more than 2 inputs you can plug you source straight in. Next you have some preset eq settings ie…. On the floor, suspended, pole mounted, with or without sub as well as 2 different HPF setting. You also get a multi-band parametric EQ and input delay available on each input. Built into each sub you have onboard cardioids settings. There isn’t much that the guys at EV didn’t try and smash into this box.

We have used the ETX-10p as a stand alone speaker on a pole at several small gigs that we have done. Here at HAS our most frequent use of them has been for front fill. In this application they have performed very well. It is also worth mentioning that the input gain goes to 11!!!!!!!

So if you are looking for a whole line of little black boxes that cover most of your smaller MI type applications, go to your local EV store and git to buyin.