Cables To Tracks Live

This year Corning debuted their new optical Thunderbolt cables — Thunderbolt 2 connectivity — but now with a distance of up to 200'. You now can place your Thunderbolt devices at external locations for efficiency or to minimize control room noise floor. They also have an optical USB3 cable in the works to be released shortly.

Music Group: M32R — super cool rackmount mixer with all the functionality of the M32 less half the I/O...but now along with the existing DL16 expansion stage box, the DL32 was launched as a 32x16 stage box in 3 rack spaces.
Looking for a fully rack mount solution? Midas also launched a new single rack space M series box - no I/O, but all the functionality of the M32 line of consoles? Just pair it with either a DL16 or DL32 for full I/O.
On the Behringer front, along with launching their S32 stage box, they launched three small AES50 drop boxes to check out.
Turbosound launched some cool speakers… the Bluetooth connectivity added is pretty awesome. They also have a new line built to compete in the Bose column a much more affordable price

Most Interesting Waves, who you'd expect to move forward in the world of live recording and DAW’s, introduced a new software for live recording called "Tracks Live". Rather than a robust DAW, it's a completely stripped down piece of software designed solely for live recording as a "tape machine". Tracks Live has limited functions and does not allow for plug-ins to be used. Most engineers who record live only use their DAW for this purpose, using the recorded tracks as a linear source for virtual sound checks  then hand the audio files over to their artist to do post with on the platform of choice. Now there is a program designed for this simple need that utilizes minimal CPU power.  Tracks Live is available from Waves now for only 99.00!!!